2-Axis Antenna Pedestal – PAP-240 motorized antenna pedestal

The PAP-240 two axis motorized antenna pedestal, is specifically developed for fixed offset earth stations from 1.8m to 3.8m for VSAT or TV Uplink applications.

2-Axis-Antenna-Pedestal_PAP_240It has full motorization and an optional Tracking capability. The pedestal back structure holds the main reflector and feed arm and can be customized to match most reflector types, including Skyware Type 243/244, Prodelin 1240 and many other. The pedestal is made of galvanized steel and spraypainted to protect against weather influences.

The motorization system is equipped with Swiss made 24V DC motors with planetary and worm gear reducers in both AZ and EL. All gear stages have permanent lubrication and require minimal maintenance or supervision. It uses a jack system for elevation changes and a Worm gear for Azimuth adjustments. Motorization for polarization is optional and can be provided with a 24V DC motor if requested. Angle measurements are done by size-11 type High Precision resolvers.

Angle end points are limited by Solid Micro switches within: AZ 0-3600/EL 0- 900/POL ±1100.