Antenna Controllers PAC-450 ACU

No Cables, All Wireless

The PAC-450 Antenna Controller Unit is offering the latest technology to almost every SNG antenna in the market. With its state-of-art design, this ACU is bringing a new method to antenna control. Simplified user interface and very easy connectivity (no cabling only wi-fi connectivity) provides very healthy control over the antenna and therefore flawless operation for SNG broadcasting.


PAC-450 is conveniently designed to be very compact. Its architecture which consists an indoor unit (IOU) and an outdoor unit (ODU), isolates the applications of the ACU smoothly. Delicate components are highly reachable inside the IOU and rugged components can be found inside the OOU which do not require frequent attention.
PAC-450 ACU is designed with the philosophy of “No Cables, All Wireless”. User does not require a handheld terminal or does not require intervening with a graphic display on the IOU. User simply connects to the router which is located inside the IOU therefore a Web GUI via mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs or notebooks (basically with any device with Wi-Fi connectivity). This greatly improves simplicity of the operation for the user.