OB BOX™ – a patented concept, compact, modular and expandable OB system solution and facility.



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Our last invention OB-BOX™ – a patented concept that is a compact, modular and expandable OB system solution and facility. OB-BOX™ is delivered to the customer on its own and then it can be mounted on any type of vehicle chassis with proprietary fixing kit or can be used as a trailer. So any kind of vehicle can be used for transportation. This concept provides flexible, cost effective, expandable vehicle advantages for customers that significantly reduces the manufacture and delivery time in any market worldwide since it removes the need to source and ship an appropriate vehicle for each customer.

  • The unit is such that it support any broadcast signal from serial digital to HD and 4K production.PDF-Logo
  • A range of connectivity options including fiber, satellite and Ethernet.
  • Power generator, UPS, automatic power management.
  • Redundant Air Conditioning,
  • The option of a booth side extension adds further flexibility to unit sizing.
  • Motorized drums for wire management
  • Easily accessible rack space
  • Slow motion optional
  • Vision & Audio mixer
  • Router
  • Edit, VTR, Video Server
  • Test and measurement
  • Video processing
  • Character Generator
  • Monitoring watt
  • Intercom
  • Audio monitoring
  • Wired and wireless microphones